In collaboration with Odine Toering and Adinda van Groeningen
Nowadays we drown in the Facebook and Instagram posts of beautiful clothes, happy couples, tight bodies and well-prepared plates. Just to mention the hundreds of narcissistic vlogs that are made every day. Vlogs in which the word "I" is used at least 200 times. On social media we take over each other's identities and constantly create a certain classical ideal of beauty where everyone needs to compete with. An ideal that is fed by likes and comments. Comments that take people down and insult them. Do we realize the consequences of sharing our perfect moments and what damage they do to the follower, especially among young people? And what is actually the boundary between the virtual and the physical world? Does only the digital 'truth' count?

We have been looking for extremes in our work. We have investigated the future of virtual identities in relation to physical reality. What is really true what we see on social media? How do people react on the virtual reality? We as graphic designers can argue that the online constructed ideal is not the truth. Therefore, we have looked for the underlying meaning of this phenomenon, and we broke it apart to highlight different elements. In our work we want to show the madness and abundance through moving image, sound and repetition.

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