This book is based on a true story about a woman who was in a coma. It's about an infinite black space that she sees as a deep black sea, in which she feels contradictory caught up and drowned in.

There are 4 stages.

Phase one:
The space pushes me like a mountain of wet, cold mud.

Phase two:
My body must be somewhere in this black ocean.

Phase three:
There are words, but I can't see in which order they are pretended to be.

Phase four:
I feel like a sugar lump in a glass of tea.

The importance is that there are sentences in the black space she finds herself in. But they are shredded into loose words.

This is an interactive book. Only the user can know in which order he or she can understand the text, you have to create your own story. Like a coma it's a different journey for every individual.
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